reflection ad infinitum

Upon the release of our debut EP “Dark Again” on June 1st, The Phets have entered a fresh bout of confidence and excitement for what is to come. The release show at Deathproof Coffee was a beautiful experience for all three of us. We couldn’t have asked for better energy that night. The warmth, love, and movement radiating off of the crowd captivated us, and accelerated our show to a new level of performance quality. We played our longest set to date, 16 songs all intertwined by musical and poetic transitions that capped it off at approximately 1 hour and 37 minutes of glowing sonic energy hastily emitted from three sweaty teenagers eager to blow some minds.

I am lucky, I have the ability to relive that night time and time again due to the fact that the show in its entirety was captured through the stage mics, giving me a lot of time to reflect on every note that was explosively produced. Better yet, It is currently being mixed and mastered by our friend Caleb, the sound guy at the notorious Deathproof. Listening to the set has really amped up my relationship with our song library, effectively stoking the fire of understanding and symbolic wonderment. After listening to the show 6-7 times, I have been able to meticulously pick out what went well and what didn’t from a musical perspective which has been a euphoric experience in itself.

For those of you who were at Deathproof the night of the release, I want to express the first thought that raced through my mind the second I played the last downbeat of Amenable. As I walked off stage the only thought my mind could produce was “Fuck, what’s next?”. That’s a phrase that really encapsulates what our jams have been like the past 21 days. June 1st was just the beginning, my friends. I can’t wait to see all of your glowing faces at the next one.

I’d like to wish a Happy Birthday to my father, Douglas, for everything he has done for us. Having a place where we can all  live and simultaneously jam is one of the great virtues in my life. We have a plethora of big shows coming up this Summer, and I thank you all for being a part of our wonderful journey.

- Cameron B. Elgart

That One Guy That You Really Want Out of the Hot Tub

We are beginning to get back into the groove, which has lifted an immense weight of our collective shoulders. The three of us approached tonights jam with a rousing energy that had me undeniably convinced our new material is going to be absolutely electrifying once it graces the stage. I realized that tonight was going to be special when Hayden turned to me in the passenger seat of my 2002 Toyota Hunk Of Beast and said something along the lines of “Dude I’ve felt fuckin’ creative today.” I saw that statement as an inspiring mantra, of which I took extremely to heart. I attribute my energy in the jam space tonight to Hayden’s general aura and intimidating moral perfection, but the 2.5 hours of Dave Grohl interviews I watched prior to jamming had me especially stoked to slap some skins.

Tonight’s jam consisted of pure brainstorming and unbiased creative production. We spent the first 12.25 minutes playing belligerent nonsense on our newfound E.G. Harrington piano. We came to discover that 6 hands are uniquely divisible by 88 keys. Then, we spent the next 11.75 minutes playing the riff Hayden wrote on the piano with our natural instruments and painted a portal into a newfound dreamscape of sonic interpretation. In reality, we were just warming up. The next hour and a half came hard and fast. We are so close to finishing our new piece “Regicide”. At this point, the finished product is uncomfortably marinating in our minds like an old man in a hot tub surrounded by a group of prepubescent teens. The kind of lad that spends too much time in the sun so his skin looks a little too much like burnt cow hide and intermittently says something sexist or racially pejorative.  What I’m trying to say is this new song is going to be familiar with badassery. It just needs some work, some time to breathe. Only then will it hastily creep out of the hot tub.

Thanks for joining me tonight, see you next jam..

- Cameron B. Elgart

The First of Many

The three of us had an incredibly busy early April, which left us away from the jam space for quite some time. With Hayden busy performing in a Theatre production and traveling to California with the THS music department we went nearly a week and a half without jamming. This may seem as small increment of time to some, but it felt marginally unsettling considering we usually jam 4-5 times a week. It was an enduring drought that left us eager to get back into the jam space and craft some beautiful tonic energy.

Our jam last night consisted mainly of writing new material in preparation for the release of our debut EP “Dark Again”. It is incredibly important to us to put on an unforgettable show the night of the release, and we are keeping that in mind as we put together these new songs. Of the three new songs in the oven, we focused mainly on the dark power-poppy anthem “Regicide” and an emotionally encapsulating post-punk revival-esque song tentatively titled “The Car Chase Song”. Regicide is defined as the act of or one who takes part in killing a King or someone of Royal sensibilities, which is blatantly prevalent in the sing-a-long outro. The Car Chase Song takes its name from its James Bondian temperament and the visual imagery of an F1 race blazing through the streets of Monaco.

Throughout the production of these songs, I know Thomas and I especially have looked at the first two Arctic Monkeys records, WPSIATWIN and Favourite Worst Nightmare, for inspiration. Personally I have paid grave attention to Matt Helder’s drumming on songs like “Balaclava”, “Favourite Worst Nightmare” and “If You Were There, Beware”, and how they balance rock’n’roll showy offy fills and serving the songs selflessly. That is something I will forever praise about Matt’s drumming capabilities.

We are so unspeakably excited for these songs to be finished and having the ability to perform them at our release show is a blessing from the Music Gods themselves.

- Cameron B. Elgart

    If you haven’t noticed already, this is our first official blog post! We will be posting blogs after every rehearsal we have. Be sure to check this page out every once in a while for behind the scenes information and to better get to us know us! Thank you again, and we’ll see you next jam.

- The Phets