That One Guy That You Really Want Out of the Hot Tub

We are beginning to get back into the groove, which has lifted an immense weight of our collective shoulders. The three of us approached tonights jam with a rousing energy that had me undeniably convinced our new material is going to be absolutely electrifying once it graces the stage. I realized that tonight was going to be special when Hayden turned to me in the passenger seat of my 2002 Toyota Hunk Of Beast and said something along the lines of “Dude I’ve felt fuckin’ creative today.” I saw that statement as an inspiring mantra, of which I took extremely to heart. I attribute my energy in the jam space tonight to Hayden’s general aura and intimidating moral perfection, but the 2.5 hours of Dave Grohl interviews I watched prior to jamming had me especially stoked to slap some skins.

Tonight’s jam consisted of pure brainstorming and unbiased creative production. We spent the first 12.25 minutes playing belligerent nonsense on our newfound E.G. Harrington piano. We came to discover that 6 hands are uniquely divisible by 88 keys. Then, we spent the next 11.75 minutes playing the riff Hayden wrote on the piano with our natural instruments and painted a portal into a newfound dreamscape of sonic interpretation. In reality, we were just warming up. The next hour and a half came hard and fast. We are so close to finishing our new piece “Regicide”. At this point, the finished product is uncomfortably marinating in our minds like an old man in a hot tub surrounded by a group of prepubescent teens. The kind of lad that spends too much time in the sun so his skin looks a little too much like burnt cow hide and intermittently says something sexist or racially pejorative.  What I’m trying to say is this new song is going to be familiar with badassery. It just needs some work, some time to breathe. Only then will it hastily creep out of the hot tub.

Thanks for joining me tonight, see you next jam..

- Cameron B. Elgart