The First of Many

The three of us had an incredibly busy early April, which left us away from the jam space for quite some time. With Hayden busy performing in a Theatre production and traveling to California with the THS music department we went nearly a week and a half without jamming. This may seem as small increment of time to some, but it felt marginally unsettling considering we usually jam 4-5 times a week. It was an enduring drought that left us eager to get back into the jam space and craft some beautiful tonic energy.

Our jam last night consisted mainly of writing new material in preparation for the release of our debut EP “Dark Again”. It is incredibly important to us to put on an unforgettable show the night of the release, and we are keeping that in mind as we put together these new songs. Of the three new songs in the oven, we focused mainly on the dark power-poppy anthem “Regicide” and an emotionally encapsulating post-punk revival-esque song tentatively titled “The Car Chase Song”. Regicide is defined as the act of or one who takes part in killing a King or someone of Royal sensibilities, which is blatantly prevalent in the sing-a-long outro. The Car Chase Song takes its name from its James Bondian temperament and the visual imagery of an F1 race blazing through the streets of Monaco.

Throughout the production of these songs, I know Thomas and I especially have looked at the first two Arctic Monkeys records, WPSIATWIN and Favourite Worst Nightmare, for inspiration. Personally I have paid grave attention to Matt Helder’s drumming on songs like “Balaclava”, “Favourite Worst Nightmare” and “If You Were There, Beware”, and how they balance rock’n’roll showy offy fills and serving the songs selflessly. That is something I will forever praise about Matt’s drumming capabilities.

We are so unspeakably excited for these songs to be finished and having the ability to perform them at our release show is a blessing from the Music Gods themselves.

- Cameron B. Elgart

    If you haven’t noticed already, this is our first official blog post! We will be posting blogs after every rehearsal we have. Be sure to check this page out every once in a while for behind the scenes information and to better get to us know us! Thank you again, and we’ll see you next jam.

- The Phets